About us:

We are a family of 5 who love to travel, learn, explore and get crazy in different places. We enjoy museums with hands-on experience, but even more we love parks, mountains, lakes, rivers and all activities connected with nature and movement. We admire the world by travelling slowly in a motorhome, documenting it via photos, videos and illustrations.

Barbara Grzegorzewska – a mother of three kids and a wife to Andrew. Blogged since 2005, in 2014 started family blog and in 2018 it’s English version A passionate illustrator – makes illustrations for the blog and for external projects. Edited a book „Rysunkowa Podróż po Ameryce Południowej“ with illustrations from the South America trip in 2016 targeted for Polish market. For the last 8 years she’s been a faithful yoga ashtanga practitioner. Interested in self-developemnt and self-excellence. Loves to read sci-fi and travel books.

Andrew (Andrzej) Grzegorzewski – a wonderful father and a lovely husband. Family mechanic who can solve all issues with our car or broken toys. He’s our route planner using Osmand maps and researching Internet for must-see atractions. Lover of tai-chi and bitcoins

Kacper – aged 8 – energetic and wise boy, LEGO fan, loves to sing songs, can find his ways in all circumstances

Konrad – aged 6 – very sporty and intelligent, fascinated by dinosaurs and all sort of sea creatures, friendly and smart

Kaja – aged 4 – positive and smart girl, trying to keep pace with her brother boys, but still into girlish stuff

We travel with our children, mostly in a motorhome. We started family trips from Mexico with one-year-old Kacper, then we traveled through California and Indonesia with two little boys. In 2014/15 we drove South America for 8 months, starting from the Equator to Tierra del Fuego. We are currently traveling by our motorhome around Europe. In summer 2018 we set off on another trip – this time to Australia, New Zealand and futher.

We travel slowly, educating children on the road and documenting it on pictures, films and illustrations. Education of our kids on the road is our priority.

Cooperation options:

* SLIDESHOWS, PRESENTATIONS – are you looking for a nice topic of a travel presentation or a slideshow? Do you want to bring people to the topic of traveling with children, traveling by motorhome or simply how to break free from “normal life”? We will be happy to make a presentation on it!,

* ILLUSTRATIONS / GRAPHICS – do you think about adding illustrations to your magazine or book? Do you want to bring closer travel topics especially to a younger audience? Maybe you want to publish an educational book for children?

* TESTING TRAVELING PRODUCTS – do you offer products for travelers and want to test them? We are happy to undertake a test and write a report on your products or travel equipment.

* KNOWLEDGE / EXPERTISE – are you looking for recommendations on South America, you need photos, illustrations, expert text? Do you see potential in our texts and want to publish them in your medium?

* VIDEO – do you want to record a movie about family travel from an exotic place? Are you looking for a new format?

Current cooperation:

Awards / Books:

* Special prize at the Haliki Travel Festival
* Book Rysunkowa Podróż po Ameryce Południowej with illustrations and stories from our 8-month South America trip

Our blog in the media:

Check the tab About us in the Media .

Current projects for which we are looking for partners:

* A long-term family motorhome trip to Australia and New Zealand:
* publication of illustrations or quizzes for children related to visited attractions
* shooting videos from attractions along the way
* publication of articles in the travel media
* Children’s education
* illustrated tasks for children related to geography, nature, history or culture

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