Berlin with kids

Berlin with kids – free attractions for families

Berlin with kids

If you want to explore a city with a hippie, international atmosphere, which is at the same time very child-friendly, Berlin with kids is a good choice! There are many attractions, and among the monuments and cultural and educational events you can find real pearls, that will stay in the memory of your family for many years.

How to get to Berlin

Berlin is a great place for a weekend trip – there are many cheap flight connections offered by Ryanair or Easyjet to Berlin. Try to search for flights using SkyScanner, Kayak or other cheap flight services.


The city itself has a very good public transport. You can reach everywhere by underground, tram or bus – for all these transport means you only need one ticket and you can buy it for a duration of a few days. I recommend Berlin Welcomecard for an adult and three children from 6 to 14 years old (so for a family you need to buy two such tickets). This ticket also includes discounts for many popular attractions and discounts for meals in selected restaurants and cafes. Depending on the length of your stay you can buy the card in several time variants – from 48 hours to even 6 days:

Be careful while driving around Berlin by car – in the city center there is a green zone, driving there is possible only with a special environmental sticker. You also have to watch out for cyclists who have priority over cars on most junctions.

Free attractions in Berlin

There are a lot of families in Berlin land the city tries to be friendly to young residents by supporting developing attractive places for kids. I recommend visiting playgrounds, parks, lakes and beaches as well as many attractive places like mini-zoo or mini-farm.

Parks and water playgrounds

In the capital city of Germany, you’ll find plenty of original playgrounds and interesting parks that quickly fill up with Berliners, as soon as the sun shines. Parks almost always have a larger or smaller playground, often with unusual motifs or games. It is worth going to the nearest park and look for a playground there – you will definitely find something interesting!

There are also a few water playgrounds, where in the summer children can play with a flowing stream of water or even bath in the fountains. Check out the list of water playgrounds in Berlin. Thanks to this, even on hot days Berlin with kids becomes a pleasant trip.

Parks with a mini-zoo

In Berlin you can also find interesting parks with farmhouses or mini-zoo. These are mini-farms run by foundations which collect money from visitor’s donations. In the north of Berlin, I recommend the Bürgerpark Pankow with a goat farm and cages with exotic birds. In the south of Berlin you will find Görlitzerpark with a farm for kids or Volkspark Hasenheide with a minizoo.

Playgrounds for adventurers

You can also look for playgrounds for constructors and curious kids called Abenteuerspielpatz, for example:

To find more suggestions, put “Wasserspielplatz” or “Abenteuerspielplatz” in Google Maps and look for the playground closest to your location. Your children will definitely not be disappointed!

Mini-farms – trip to the countryside

There are also many places for children with pets called “Bauernhof” – these are free places where you can watch domestic animals, bake bread over a fire (Stockbrot) or play in carpentry or blacksmith’s workshops. I recommend:

  • Pinke-Panke Hof in the north of Berlin, in the Pankow district. There is always a fireplace, animals in farmhouses and workshops where you can make wooden items.
  • Moritzhof in the north of Berlin, in the Prenzlauerberg district, where you can also take part in metalworking workshops.
  • Mentioned before Kinderbauernhof in Görlitzer Park in the south of Berlin, Kreuzberg district
  • In the north of Berlin, the Alte Fasanerie – a pheasants farm
  • Botanical Volkspark Pankow Blankenfelde, where is a palm house, a run for deers and huge walking spaces (note, you can pay 1eur per person voluntarily at the entrance)

Take a bath in the lake

In Berlin you can find a lot of smaller and larger lakes, often surrounded by well-kept parks with public beaches. As soon as it gets warm in Berlin, families and groups of friends organize picnics at the lake and spend the day playing football, exercising and sometimes even having BBQ (though not everywhere is allowed).

I recommend the largest lake Müggelsee in the south of Berlin (Strandbad Friedrichshagen and Strandbad Müggelsee). In the north you will find Tegeler See surrounded by lots of (paid) attractions and small, non-commercial Weisensee, liked by Berliners. Beautiful beaches can also be found on the Wannsee between Berlin and Potsdam.

Free attractions in Berlin when it rains

Most of the above attractions are excellent on a warm and sunny day. But you have also some options when it’s raining! The below attractions are for free or very little money.

Futurium – Museum of the Future

Futurium is located next to the main train station in Berlin, with a view of the parliament and the Spree – the museum of the future Futurium. It is a facility suitable for both small and large. In addition, it’s completely free! So I recommend visiting Futurium especially if it is cold or rainy. Visit the two floors where you can watch, touch, try and learn new things about ecology, psychology and find out what might await us in the future.

I invite you to watch the movie from our visit:

German Parliament – Bundestag

It’s one of a must-see attractions and it’s for free! From here you have a panoramic view of the whole Berlin and it requires a lot of walking to the top dome, so the kids can use up their energy! But note, you have to regiser in avnace using this  on-line registration

Familienzentrum FEZ

A large object intended entirely for children’s games and education. It contains many rooms where workshops, theatre performances, exhibitions and sports activities take place. The subject changes from time to time. I highly recommend this place, the entrance price is small, food in the facility is also quite cheap so you can spend a few hours with children here and they still will not be bored!

Location: Str. Zum FEZ 2

Access: S-Wuhlheide (S3)


I hope that I convinced you that Berlin with kids is a good idea for a trip. Enjoy!