Berlin with children

Berlin with children for the weekend – list of attractions

Berlin with children for the weekend

If you are going to Berlin with children for a weekend or a few days, you should definitely plan your trip quite wisely. Berlin with kids is a logistical challenge 🙂  There are many “must-see” places in Berlin, that “should” be seen, but of course they must be suitable for all participants of the trip, including your kids. In addition, in Berlin you will find a lot of attractions especially for children, so you might even have some time to rest 🙂

Here I present a list of places that are worth visiting in Berlin with children. Of course, it is impossible to visit all these places during one short trip, but thanks to this long list you will be able to choose the best attractions for your family.

“Must-see” attractions in Berlin with children

Bundestag, Brandenburger Tor and Unter der Linden

Definitely a place to see in Berlin is the Bundestag, in which German parliamentarians meet and from which you have a panoramic view of the whole Berlin. The Bundestag can be visited by everyone who registers on-ine in advance (note: register at least a few days before the visit, as there are often no places on the weekends or for close dates).

After arriving at the selected hour, visitors pass through the gates with a metal detector after prior checking of documents (do not forget your identity card or passport!). After entering the first floor you will receive an automatic audio guide with a set of headphones, available in few languages. After taking the elevator to the roof of the Bundestag covered with a glass dome the audioguide starts automatically. The visitors slowly climb up the dome using a ramp and become acquainted with the most important buildings in Berlin.

After visiting the Bundestag:

You can head towards the Brandenburg Gate and have a walk on Unter der Linden street – Under the Lime Trees avenue. Following Unter der Linden towards the city center you will reach the University of Humbolt and the Berlin Opera House, and then the Berliner Cathedral. On the left you will see Museums Island with beautiful and rich museums, including the famous Pergamon. All these places are worth visiting, but it is often impossible with kids. I suggest postponing a visit to the cathedral or museums for the time when children will be prepared for such attractions and understand them better and instead choose a boat trip on the Spree in the summer or visit Seaworld in the winter or just go to another attraction for children (see below).

After visiting the Bundestag, you can also head towards the former Friedrichstrasse station – a place where during the Berlin Wall’s existence there was a way from one part of Berlin to the other. There is a free museum, quite small but full of multimedia, so it can be interesting enough for young children.

Practical information:

Bundestag: register a few days in advance to visit the Bundestag:,

A visit to the Bundestag is free. The facility is adapted to wheelchairs, safe for children, mostly roofed.

Note: if you are visiting Berlin with a child in a stroller you can enter the Bundestag without registration (valid for one child plus 2 adults)

Berlin Cathedral – paid entrance, you can buy tickets online:, roofed object.

Berlin Wall – Bernauer Strasse, near Mauer Park

Berlin’s history is inseparably connected with the Berlin Wall. One of the places where you can learn more about the time of Berlin’s Wall existence and the destruction of it is the Bernauer Strasse. Visiting this fragment with kids is much more convenient than the famous section of the East Side Gallery – its much more quiet, a lot of green grass to run, there are set up multimedia screens, where you can listen and watch stories documenting the events. It is worth starting the tour from the Mural with a huge piece of bloody steak on the wall of the building. And finish at the labyrinth of rods that are symbolize the last of the Berlin Wall and visiting the free Visitors Center .html

After visiting this attraction you can go in three directions:

  • to the Natural History Museum with a great skeletons of early Jura dinossaurs surrounded by rich boards or multimedia shows -> a great place for children, I definitely recommend it!
  • to the park situated nearby called Mauer Park, where a well-known flea market takes place on Sundays, there is also a playground, and a little further a very nice farm with animals called Moritzhof (free admission)
  • to the nearby BeachMitte beach pub – for you beer and volleyball courts, for children a lot of sand, water, and a rope park

The Berlin Wall: East Side Gallery and Check Point Charlie

One of the points that will complete the history of the Berlin Wall is the East Side Gallery, a piece of the Berlin Wall beautifully covered with graffiti. I recommend a walk with children next to graffiti, then a short visit to The Wall Museum (or not) and than see a huge sculpture located in the middle of the Spree River – Molecule Man.

You can also visit Check Point Charlie with your children – a place where for 40 years of the Berlin Wall existance you could go from East Berlin to West (with appropriate permission) and vice versa. I recommend visiting the Mauer Museum, which may also be interesting for children, although the attraction is directed mainly at adults.

Visiting Berlin from the bus

A very nice option to visit Berlin is to use the double-decker hop-on hop-off buses. There are several companies in Berlin that deal with this, including City Tour Berlin and City Sightseeing. We have used such solutions in several cities (e.g. Cuzco in Peru or Hong Kong), but in Berlin we recommend a cheaper version – the BVG bus number 100. You can enter the bus either at one end: Alexanderplatz or at the other: Zoologischer Garten (next to the famous Berlin Zoo) and on the way admire the most important sights of Berlin – here you will find their description and some tips (including information on similar buses 200 and 300): berlin-bus-100.

Warning! When getting on the bus, let the children go first to quickly climb the stairs and take the best seats on the bus – at the top front. We guarante the fun!

In addition, it is a good idea to finish this trip by visiting very interesting Berlin Zoo, and if it is raining then watch the large and interesting Aquarium.

Cruise on the Spree River

You can also get to know Berlin from a completely new perspective by setting off on a cruise on the Spree River. From the deck of a boat moving between city channels, you can admire the most famous monuments of Berlin – the Reichstag, the Museum Island, the cathedral, the Nikolaikirche, the TV tower and more …

Access: trips start from the Friedrichstraße station area

Admission: from about 12 euros, outdoor attraction.

Attractions for children in Berlin

Natural History Museum

Interesting place for both children and adults? Definately the Natural History Museum – perfect for young and old dinosaurs enthusiasts. It is huge, contains over 30 million exhibits and is very kids friendly. For the youngest, giant dinosaur skeletons will make the greatest impression – Brachiosaurus, Archaeopteryx, Stegosaurus, Allosaur. The skeletons can be viewed by jura-scops – special virtual binoculars, thanks to which dinosaur skeletons “come alive” in front of us, adding muscle, skin and movement. On the ceiling in the main hall there is also a multimedia show about a structure of our solar system, which you can watch it lying on a comfortable sofa. This place is definitely worth visiting during your trip to Berlin with children.

Location: Invalidenstraße 43

Access: U-Bahn – Naturkundemuseum (U6), S-Bahn: Hauptbahnhof, Nordbahnhof + 15-minute walk

Admission: adults – 5 euros, concessionary ticket – 3 euros, children under 6 years – free admission, family ticket (2 adults and max. 3 children under 14 years) – 10 euros, covered object

German Museum of Technology and the Spectrum Science Center

German Museum of Technology is a place that both big and small visitors will enjoy. They will be delighted with interesting exhibitions, including exhibitions presenting the history of railways, aviation, motoring and many other industries. A visit to the German Museum of Technology can be combined with a visit to the Spectrum Science Center, where the youngest can carry out many interesting experiments. Since both museums have several floors in two buildings, it is impossible to see everything in one visit, so plan carefully!

Location: Trebbiner Strasse 9

Access: U-Bahn – Gleisdreieck (U2, U2), Möckernbrücke (U1, U7), S-Bahn – Anhalter Bahnhof (S1, S2, S25)

Admission: adults – 6 euros, children 6-18 years – 3.50 euros, children under 6 years free

Tickets purchased at the Museum of Technology can be used to enter the Museum of Natural History.

covered object, several exhibits in the open air

German Museum of Technology:

Spectrum Science Center:

Futurium – Museum of the Future

And here is the attraction located next to the main train station in Berlin, with a view of the parliament and the Spree – the museum of the future Futurium. It is a facility suitable for both small and large. In addition, it’s completely free! So I recommend visiting Futurium especially if it is cold or rainy. Visit the two floors where you can watch, touch, try and learn new things about ecology, psychology and find out what might await us in the future.

I invite you to watch the movie from our visit:

Legoland Discovery Center

If there is at least one Lego lover in your family, then you will have to visit Berlin’s Legoland. The center is not big, but well, some things are not negotiable with Lego fans. Immerse yourself in the world of miniature buildings and labyrinths, including the model of Berlin, which is made of 2 million Lego’s.

Practical information:

Location: Potsdamer Straße 4

Access: U-Bahn – Potsdamer Platz (U2), S-Bahn: Potsdamer Platz (S2, S1)

Admission: adults and children over 3 years – 18.50 euros (at the counter) or 11 euros (online), children under 3 years – free entry, facility under the roof 

SeaLife & AquaDom

Always fascinating children, the world of colorful fish with more than 5,000 animals can be seen in Berlin’s SeaLife, located near the Museum Island and the Berlin Cathedral. Sealife aquariums contain the most interesting specimens of fish living in rivers, lakes and seas around the world, while AquaDom is waiting for you to ride a 2-level lift along a cylindrical aquarium, home to 1500 fish. I especially recommend it on rainy, cold days when you do not plan to visit the zoo.

Location: Spandauer Straße 3

Access: U-Bahn – Alexanderplatz (U2, U5, U8), S-Bahn – Hackescher Markt and Alexanderplatz (S5, S7, S9, S75)

Admission: normal ticket – 17.95 euro, reduced (children 3-14) – 14.50 euro, children under 3 years free, covered

Berlin Zoo – Zoologischer Garten

Berlin Zoo Zoologischer Garten Berlin is one of the largest zoological gardens in the world, where you can see over 1,300 different species of animals. You have to spend a whole day visiting this zoo, it is worth seeing the feeding of monkeys, penguins, tigers, pandas and many other residents of the Berlin zoo. A detailed feeding plan can be found on the website or on the object map given at the entrance. In the zoo there is also an Aquarium, which can be visited on the same ticket or separately.

Location: Hardenbergplatz 8

Access: U-Bahn – Zoologischer Garten (U2, U9), S-Bahn – Zoologischer Garten (S5, S7, S9, S75)

Location of the aquarium: Budapester Str. 32

Admission: adults – 13 euros (20 euros ticket combined with the aquarium), children 5-15 years – 6.5 euros (10 euros ticket combined with the aquarium)



See a movie from our last visit to the Aquarium:

MACHmit! Museum für Kinder

A bit smaller, but fully interactive and educational object is MACHmit! Muzeum. In the old church building, children from 4 to 12 years old can discover, explore and experience new exhibitions with all their senses. The object is safe and literally everything can be touched in it, so it is a great place for children to “go wild” and for the parents to rest during this time.

Location: Senefelderstraße 5

Directions: Eberswalder Straße (line U2), Prenzlauer Alle (S-Bahn)

Admission: adults and children over 3 years – 7 euros, children up to 3 years – 3.5 euros, family ticket (2 adults and up to 3 children) – 25 euros, free admission for children under 2 years, covered object.

Labyrinth Kindermuseum

In the Labirynth Kindermuseum, operating in the historic hall of machines for making matches, children can participate in interesting time exposures. From fairy tales, through health, to world cultures – children from 3 to 12 years learn through the excellent, multi topics fun. The object is very similar to MACHmit! museum, described above.

Location: Osloer Straße 12

Access: U-Bahn – Pankstraße (U8), Osloer Straße (U9), S-Bahn – Bornholmer Straße (S1, S2, S8, S9, S25, S85)

Admission: children and adults – 6.50 euros, family ticket – 19.00 euros, family Tuesdays and Thursdays – 5.50 euros

Attractions for children – around Berlin

Karls Erlebnisdorf

You can also go to the popular children’s event network under the banner of strawberry – Karls Erlebnisdorf located near Berlin. It is a large village with play areas, ball pools, a labyrinth and a strawberry jam factory. Most attractions are free, but of course the owners count on you spending money on food, souvenirs or extra attractions such as paid exhibitions or paid games for children. The disadvantage of this attraction is difficult access from Berlin – preferably by train to Elstal, and then a bus 688 to the stop “Zum Erlebnis-Dorf” or straight by bus A05. I suggest you add a location to Google Maps and check the most convenient way – it usually works.

Oranienburg –  animals and dinosaurs park

A great place to get out of Berlin on a sunny weekend – a private park of animals and full-size figures of dinosaurs will interest every child. The facility is unfortunately very commercial, so you need to prepare a budget for expenses (ice cream, souvenirs)


Bare feet park – summer attraction

I love this place! This is a park with three different sensory paths that you MUST go barefoot! You walk on stones, sand, cones, sticks, mud, clay and then water or even glass! Along the way, you can do various exercises or read information about sensorics or nature. It’s the perfect place if your kids need to use up their energy!

Details: The park is open only in the summer season – check the information on the site

The park is most conveniently accessible by car, but you can also take the train (ask for access to Bahnhof Beelitz-Heilstätten) or by bike.

Right next to it is another object that you can also see: path in the treetops (Baumkronenpfad) – information at

Tropical Islands

Located 1.5 hours on the south of Berlin, Tropical Islands pools attract crowds. This is a good option on days with bad weather, but quite expensive. There is however a free entry on the day of your birthday! Maybe worth planning 🙂


Other attractions to visit in Berlin with children:

Charlottenburg palace

A beautiful palace in Berlin with huge, well-kept gardens with a fountain, palm house and beautiful alleys. Excellent walk with kids.

Location: Spandauer Damm 10-22

Directions: Sophie-Charlotte-Platz (U2)

Admission: admission to the garden is free, to see the palace inside you need to buy tickets.

Madame Tussauds Wax Museum

The idea of entertainment while walking along the famous Lime trees Avenue: come close to the world of celebrities , take a picture with the film star or a well-known athlete. The museum is very popular among tourists, so it is better to buy a ticket online to avoid long queuing.

Museum Island

It is impossible to miss seeing 6,000 years of culture history closed in the museum complex on the Museum Island. This place has been inscribed on the UNESCO list of cultural heritage. It consists of five museums: Bode Museum, Pergamon Museum, New Museum, Old National Gallery and Old Museum. Byzantine, Hellenistic, Babylonian, Islamic or Egyptian art objects are gathered here. A special attraction for tourists is the Pergamon Museum. You can admire the Great Altar of Zeus, the market gate from Miletus or the reconstruction of the Ishtar Gate. The enthusiasts of ancient Egypt will also be delighted to visit the New Museum, called the Egyptian Museum, where you can admire sarcophagis, mural cartons, papyrus or sculptures. The bust of Nefertiti arouses the greatest interest of visitors.

Note: visiting these facilities is a real challenge for adults, all the more for children. I highly recommend visiting the island, but not necessarily with kids.

Berliner Fernsehturm – view from the radio and television tower

The highest tower in Germany (368 m) and the fourth in Europe. It has not only a overlook from which you can admire the panorama of the city – if we get good weather, the range of visibility is 40 km – but also a restaurant on a rotating platform that performs full rotation within half an hour. For children, the gateway to the tower with a modern elevator is a real joy.

Checkpoint Charlie

One more place on the map of Berlin reminiscent of the cold war and the division of the German capital into two areas of influence. In the place of the former passage between East and West Berlin you will see the famous box with photo-posing soldiers and you can visit the nearby CheckPoint Charlie Museum, as well as the Berlin Wall BlackBox exhibition next door.

Checkpoint Charlie Museum:


Museums and attractions for children in Berlin:

Ritter Sport Museum

A chocolate paradise. You can buy Ritter chocolate in all flavors, learn about the company’s history and various curiosities about chocolate production. The Ritter Sport Museum is located in the Lafayete Gallery.

Spy Museum

For slightly older kids, the interactive and mysterious Spy Museum Spinagemuseum can be a nice attraction. You can turn into a spy in it by breaking through a laser maze or find out how fast hackers can break your password.

Tempelhofer Feld

Tempelhofer Feld, the most famous and largest of the many Berlin green spaces, located on the old airport.

Location: Tempelhofer Damm

Thai Park (on Sunday!)

On Sunday in Thai Park, members of the local Thai community spread their stands and sell Asian treats from hastily constructed stands. For a moment, you can feel here like at a market in a Thai town. Be sure to bring a blanket with you to enjoy the Asian treats and sun together with the Berliners who know this place.

Location: Thai Park, Pommersche Str. 11

Familienzentrum FEZ

A large object intended entirely for children’s games and education. It contains many rooms where workshops, theatre performances, exhibitions and sports activities take place. The subject changes from time to time. I highly recommend this place, the entrance price is small, food in the facility is also quite cheap so you can spend a few hours with children here and they still will not be bored!

Location: Str. Zum FEZ 2

Access: S-Wuhlheide (S3)


Museumsdorf Düppler

Museum for children and adults, which brings the medieval times closer.


Botanischer Garten

Berlin Botanical Garden:

Other museums worth visiting in Berlin with children:

The listed attractions are only a small piece of places to which it is worth to go during your trip to Berlin with children. It is impossible to list all the monuments and surprises that we discover when visiting the capital of Germany. One thing is sure – there will definitely be no time for boredom here.

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