Kiedy Australia przyjeżdza do domu

Australia at our home and what is helpX?

Australia visited us at home

A story how we invited a piece of exotic Australia to our place!

We are fans of Couchsurfing – a service that allows you to host travelers from various, very exotic countries. As a traveling family, we use the Couchsurfing website very often – both for travelling and hosting.

There is one more service from the Hospex industry, which we often use. It’s called HelpX – a website where you can post a job opportunity and look for volunteering.

To take part in HelpX you need to register. There are two registration pages: for a host and for a volunteer. If you need to do both you need to create two profiles. If you want to contact hosts as a volunteer you might use contact data in their profiles or on their websites, but in order to write to them directly via HelpX page you need to buy a membership.

At HelpX you can find openings for projects or volunteering opportunities published by owners of farms, hostels or various places. Tasks are related either to nature, education or sometimes to the tourism industry. Trust is based on references left on the site, a bit like on Couchsurfing.

The volunteering opportunity we offer is an invitations for travelers to educate our kids. They are welcomed to stay with us for about two-three weeks to help with education of our children. They should play games or do projects using the knowledge they have. So far we had a couple of graduate students from Mexico who made piñata with our kids – after meticulously putting it together the kids smashed it with pols to get sweets and fruits from inside of it. Next there were two sister girls from Taiwan who draw world map, flags and Chinese characters with kids. Following, we hosted a couple from Germany, with whom children practiced German and learnt a few tricks.

Lately, Ruby from Australia lived with us for two weeks. She played with the kids, took Kacper to the German Spy Museum and had a walk around Berlin. Konrad went with Ruby on an expedition to the Berlin Zoo, the whole family cooked together and shared stories from their country.

At the end of her stay, Ruby gave a presentation about Australia and sang a few songs for us, as she is an opera singer by profession. We had a small opera evening, combined with a lesson about Australia’s nature. And we loved it!

I am attaching a lesson on Australian fauna and flore for you – print it out and show to your kids. I wonder if they know all these animals? Did they like it? Share your thoughts!

Animals of Australia